Seeking inspiration from nature and life itself, the intricate attention to detail combined with a design aesthetic centred around allure and versatility is what sets the brand apart.
Simplicity in luxury is the goal after all.

Quality, Workmanship & Manufacturing

Our world-class craftsmen work on the most exquisitely selected jewels to enhance its natural beauty. The brilliant efforts of the finest Jewellery expert, from the selection of the stone, till its final setting – a genius culmination.

The first step in the creative process , the designs encapsulate our unique style.

An in-depth assessment by our gemology experts to ensure that the stones are one-of-a-kind. Another layer of selection assigns the right stones to specific creations.

The shaping of the invisible mechanism is essential to ensure that the visible designs are immaculate. This is the flair of the greatest jewelers.

Rare & mysterious, our chosen precious stones are the epitome of perfection and emotion. An uncompromising tedious process for each piece – whether visible or concealed from sight – gleams with a brilliant luster.

Renu Oberoi


Hailing from a dynamic corporate background, Renu has made Jewellery designing her ace priority. A commerce graduate with a design degree from the prestigious London College of Fashion LCF, her pulse has always been driven by crafting masterpieces that delve into stellar intricacies.

The work magically oscillates between modern opulence to timeless glamour. Visual symphonies of diamonds and precious stones, each piece is thought & executed as a unique experience to be dawned. Unmatched magnificence, crafted for the contemporary global women.

Renu Oberoi



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